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Training Mothers to make ring slings and baby wraps to break the cycle of poverty

I'm Brea Albulov , mom of two and founder of  Hope Carried (formerly JoHo baby wraps) . I live in Ann Arbor, MI with my husband, a social worker, and our two young children. This company was born out of a love for baby wearing  and desire to build a community that supports families and empowers women. Our mission is to train women how to create the finest quality, most beautiful baby carriers around. Each ring sling and baby wrap  not only helps these women and their families, but provides comfort for the baby who’s lucky enough to get toted around in it.


The baby wearing bond  is something so sacred and special for families all around the world. Through Hope Carried  we want to take that feeling of love and warmth and spread it as far as we can. Helping pull women and their families out of poverty and providing them the tools to create a solid future for their own children is such a gift.


When you purchase a Hope Carried baby wrap  or linen ring sling , you’re not only giving yourself or a special parents or guardian in your life the gift of baby wearing.You’re also supporting a movement that generates (and delivers on) hope for hard-working makers. Thank you for stopping by our site to have a look and for shopping small . We truly appreciate every customer and love seeing your photos. Please tag us on Instagram @hopecarried  so we can send some likes your way!


Brea Albulov-Empowering Women through employment