Linen Ring Sling, Turks and Caicos

$ 75.00

Striking blue is the name of this baby-wearing game--think cool waters, warm sun or just an afternoon stroll with the bebe. 


Linen ring slings  are a timeless classic, beloved for ages for the beauty, strength and versatility of the fabric. Five times stronger than cotton and naturally antibacterial, linen is woven from spun flax -- one of the most sustainable natural fibers in the world. Thermo-regulating with a built-in wicking property, our linen slings breathe wonderfully, keeping you warm and cozy in the winter and cool and dry in the summer. The simple gorgeousness of linen is suited to every occasion, from family beach adventures to special events and everything in between.
When wearing a toddler or bigger baby, it can be tough to “shoulder” the burden. Customers love our comfortable ring sling  because they offer more room between the rings and shoulder stitches, hence no digging. It also provides padding to the shoulders, making a more enjoyable, ergonomic babywearing  experience for Mom or Dad.



Our Slings

  • grow with your child from womb through the toddler years

  • are easy on/off, just cinch and go

  • are perfect for breastfeeding on demand wherever you are

  • promote bonding, and calm fussy babies

  • are great for naps when out and about

  • mimic natural in-arms carrying positions

  • are easy to care for and become softer and stronger over time

  • allow you to get work done and make both of you happy

  • are made in the USA by women who face barriers to employment



Photography by Captured By Jes Photography + Design