Smoke Baby Wrap

$ 58.00

Stormy and stylish, the deep gray of our Smoke baby wrap is a daily go-to and works easily into your wardrobe. 

You’re going to carry your baby anyway — why not do so in comfort and style? Wrapping or “baby-wearing ” is not just a trend — it’s an ancient practice that’s finding a happy resurgence in our modern day. You’ll love the feel of this super-soft light and luxurious wrap .

The fabric is breathable and comfortable for both baby and adult. They’re also versatile — you can wear your baby from newborn through toddler in our wraps. Hope Carried wraps  are lighter and much less cumbersome than most name-brand wraps. And — we ship for free!


Each wrap includes detailed instructions on common hold and safety precautions. We are members of the Baby Carrier Industry